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Store Analytics


Smart Recommendation

Smart changes in pricing aimed at increasing product margins, and ultimately profit. Recommendations are based on seasonality, demand, stock volume and competition. Recommendations can be implemented in one click from a central location.

A more profitable business

Identify products nearing the end of shelf life and recommend adjustments in stock and promotions to reduce future waste. Waste is 100% profit so any reduction has an impact on the bottom line.
V Analytics 1080

Process, analyse and distil the flood of information

Insights that a retailer can act on, reducing costs, adding value and improving efficiencies in their business. Pulse saves time by doing the legwork for them and identifying problems in areas such as waste, stock holding, dropped sales, refunds, voids and falling margins, ultimately increasing their profits.

Data-driven tool that spots in-store inefficiencies that are losing you money and recommends solutions

PULSE is a next-generation retail intelligence assistant designed to improve in-store profitability by increasing revenue and margins and reducing losses and waste. PULSE gives you back the control of the business and profits through sales analyzing, key trends identification, and pinpointing opportunities for growth.

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Sync seamlessly with in-store POS system

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Tracks real time sales data making recommendations based on this

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Pulse dashboard clearly displays your sales activity, recommendations & progress

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Changes can be made in one click from the central dashboard

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Connects with our electronic price tagging system

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Facilitates the roll out of regional offers (produce, currencies)

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Business Cases

With more than 200 retailers and 17,000 stores, SES-imagotag is the global n°1 ESL company in the world.

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