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For 25 years, SES-imagotag has been the trusted partner of retailers for in-store digital technology.

SES-imagotag, the worldwide leader in smart digital labels and pricing automation, has developed a comprehensive IoT and digital platform that delivers a complete set of services to retailers. The SES-imagotag solution enables retailers to connect and digitally transform their physical stores; automate low-value-added processes; improve operational efficiency; inform and serve customers; ensure information integrity to continuously optimize on-hand inventory; prevent stock-outs and waste and create an omnichannel service platform that builds loyalty and meets evolving consumer expectations.


The main pillar of SES-imagotag’s strategy is based on O2O (Offline to Online) convergence trend which will drive a massive wave of digital transformation in physical retail. E-commerce giants have understood that the future of retail is omnichannel and recently made numerous large investments in brick & mortar retailers.

Operational Excellence

Physical stores will remain at the core of omnichannel commerce, but they need to leverage digital technologies to seamlessly connect to the digital world, increase efficiency and improve shopper experience. The Internet of Things (IoT) will completely revitalize the undervalued assets of the physical stores, transforming them into highly automated, data-driven, ultra-efficient connected and interactive environments.

Enhanced Shopper Experience

The combination of digital labels, smart displays, sensors, computer vision and big data analytics will be the core enabler of this Retail IoT revolution.

Building the leading retail loT platform

Retail IoT is about digitizing the physical store to make it connected, interactive, measurable, remotely actionable and collaborative (with brands and other partners), in order to massively improve efficiency, precision and value of retail processes.

VUSION, the new solution from SES-imagotag, is the quintessence of 5 years of intensive R&D by SES-imagotag and the fusion of technology assets of several recent retail technology acquisitions.

The resulting hardware and software platform combines the most advanced ESL technology, IoT ultra-low-power communication infrastructure, high-resolution color displays, sensors, active NFC, ultra-high speed data transfer and LED-flashing, computer vision.

Smart ESLs are now becoming the portal to an ever-increasing portfolio of cloud-based applications focused on store automation, shopper engagement and data analytics.


Pricing Automation & Agility


Product Geolocation & Real-Time Planogram Management

In Store

Picking & Replenishment Optimization

Improved On Shelf Availability

Automated shelf monitoring and stock-out detection


Shopper connectivity and in-store digital services


Pricing intelligence

The best ROI solution in Retail

Through top engineering and constant testing, SES-imagotag provides retailers with the most robust Retail IoT solution.


SES-imagotag is the global leader in smart retail digital labels. While the grocery sector has been a pioneer when it comes to in-store digitalization
and omnichannel convergence, other industries are now catching up and adopting our VUSION Retail IoT solutions: consumer electronics, DIY,
cosmetics, drugstores, fashion, and many more verticals.

Our customers increase their revenues