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Cresce la partnership tra Euronics e Ses-imagotag con 400 nuovi negozi in Italia

SES-imagotag (Euronext: SESL, FR0010282822), il n °1 mondiale per le etichette elettroniche da scaffale e piattaforme Retail IoT, ha annunciato oggi un nuovo accordo quadro con Euronics - leader europeo...
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Coop sceglie la soluzione di etichette intelligenti VUSION di SES-imagotag

SES-imagotag (Euronext: SESL, FR0010282822), leader mondiale nelle etichette elettroniche per scaffali (ESL) e soluzioni IoT per il retail, annuncia il lancio di un importante progetto di implementazione di etichette elettroniche...
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Spar, an international retail chain Situation Spar is an international retail chain with more than 13.500 stores in more than 44 countries worldwide. The stores in and around Zurich are…

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Spar Context In 2007, the Spar Gran Canaria (Cencosu group) installed SES-imagotag’ electronic shelf labeling solution in a first pilot store (Spar Arguineguín); this was followed with its partner TISA…


In 2007, the Spar Gran Canaria (Cencosu group) installed SES-imagotag’ electronic shelf labeling solution in a first pilot store (Spar Arguineguín); this was followed with its partner TISA by 10 other stores between 2008 and 2011. After testing the SES-imagotag system and comparing it with other technologies, the group launched a first phase of roll-outs during the second semester 2012, installing the SES-imagotag solution – including 220,000 labels – in 30 of its stores.

Why Electronic Shelf Labels?
The Spar Gran Canaria’s strategy focuses on the customer. Bearing this in mind, the decision to adopt an electronic shelf labeling solution seemed inevitable. And the company has been quick to see the benefits:

Deliver the best products at the best prices: to do this, the group must continuously adjust its prices in line with the specific retail environment in the islands.
Changes in VAT and other taxes affect the profitability of stores: in less than 3 years, the VAT rate has changed twice in Spain, leading to many price changes in stores.
The Cencosu group believes that innovation and modernity are key factors in optimizing operating costs and improving customer satisfaction. Putting an end to price errors was a priority for the group.

Spar Gran Canaria selected its electronic shelf labeling solution on the basis of 3 criteria:

A flexible solution that can be adapted for all types of store: as Cencosu’s stores range in size from 200 to 3,000 m2, it required a flexible and easyto- use communication technology.
Total and constraint-free coverage: since small supermarkets and other convenience stores are generally hampered by obstacles such as concrete towers, low ceilings, publicity billboards, etc.
Operating costs: the ease of use of the SES system, its patented mounting system and its specifically-designed wobblers have increased store productivity and significantly decreased operating costs. In addition, the management of human resources must be optimized since it affects the quality of customer service. Therefore, it was very important for staff to be able to understand and use the solution quickly and easily.

With a single transmitter covering up to 3,000 m2 of floor space, SES’s solution met the flexibility requirements defined by Cencosu.

SES-imagotag’s low-frequency radio transmission system guarantees faultless data transmission in a constantly-changing retail environment. The reliability of this technology was a determining factor in the group’s decision.
The upgradeability of the solution was also seen as a considerable advantage. In fact, the Equipmag (Shopper Experience) Committee of Experts awarded SES-imagotag a gold rating for its NFCtag, the first shelf label to communicate with shoppers in store via their smart phones.
The quality of service offered by TISA, our partner in the Canary Islands. TISA takes care of sales, installation.